Dynamic & Real-Time Flight Pricing Data

Real-Time Flight Data

FlightDataAPI supplies real-time destination-based data feeds. Flight data is extracted directly from sources, normalized and converted for live API or scheduled delivery. Extracted from over 50 different sources and providing data for every commercial airline.

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Model Ready Data

The FlightDataAPI provides the critical real-time data necessary to accurately model demand and pricing. Created for this specific need, distribution teams can programmatically configure the FlightDataAPI to extract and deliver specific and/or continuous data sets.

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Reliable High-Volume and High-Quality Data

Using our proven machine learning platform, FlightDataAPI offers the highest quality data at scalable volumes. Serving millions of data calls per day, this proven system reliably extracts pricing and related flight data. Sample Data

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Data when and where you need it

The API’s response can be delivered in real-time or be scheduled to fetch for delivery as a JSON Data Dump. The data can also be delivered asynchronously to an endpoint URL.

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Intuitive API User Interface

The FlightDataAPI is presented in a Swagger Explorer UI environment, allowing a visual and full-function access to this powerful API.

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Simplified Pricing

Pricing for the FlightDataAPI is based upon the volume of use or API calls. Calls pricing is discounted as volumes increase and are fractions of a penny per call conducted.

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